Southsea-bath Products

After-sales service mainly includes:

1. Provide technical guidance on installation, commissioning and use according to consumer requirements;

2. Ensure the supply of maintenance spare parts;

3. Handle customer letters and visits, answer customer consultation. At the same time, collect customers and consumers' opinions on product quality in various ways, and improve timely according to the situation.

4. Set up special personnel to provide technical advice and accept customer complaints. When receiving customer complaints, the information staff will fill out the customer complaint processing form in time, and submit it to the after-sales specialist for acceptance and give the customer a reply within 24 hours. General problems on the same day to come up with a feasible solution, major quality accidents should be 3-5 days to come up with a feasible solution. After handling the customer complaint, the receiver shall record the processing in the customer satisfaction questionnaire and file it.


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