Southsea-bath Products

Cast iron bathtub in our country does not belong to the legal inspection products before export. However, in order to protect the legitimate interests of all parties, our company has formulated the relevant management system for the inspection of pre-shipment goods, which requires scientific, fair, reasonable and legal pre-shipment inspection of ex-factory goods. There are three main forms of testing,


1. according to the customer's request, invite our local commodity inspection bureau staff to come to the factory to inspect the product or packing on the spot, and issue the formal commodity inspection certificate. Such as Algeria, Morocco, such as the need to use letters of credit to operate the export business will.

2. invite the third party quality inspection company to send professional quality inspection personnel to carry out inspection, inspection and supervision work before loading according to customer requirements.

3. the customer himself to inspect the goods.

4. our factory QC personnel according to the bathtub industry standards and customer standards self-inspection, and issued inspection report to customers as pre-shipment inspection certificate.



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