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NH-1036’’ New Rectangular Cast Iron Bathtub with Steel Skirt
Using the traditional cast iron enamel process, the product combines acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and good thermal insulation performance.Catalyzed by firing at a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius, the two materials, which are very different from each other, are fused together.Pure hand polishing and enamel make this product fully show the creativity of human civilization in the old industrial era, and also show its many irreplaceable characteristics and qualities.
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Exterior Treatment: Hand-Smoothed Painted white color

Interior Treatment: White Porcelain Enamel


Product Overview

·  A combination of a stainless steel skirt

·  White Enameled Interior

·  CE and cUPC Certified

·  Cast Iron Construction Tub Hull interior

·  This tub comes without TAP HOLES


·  Overall Dimensions: 67'' 1700x800x560MM (with skirt)

·  Empty Weight: 180 kgs

·  Water Capacity: 50 gallons

·  Drain: 52 ± 3MM

·  Overflow: 52 ± 3MM


NOTE: Tub dimensions may vary +/- 10 mm and are subject to change. For best results, Southsea Bath STRONGLY recommends that Cast iron baths are extremely heavy, please wear appropriate safety equipment when moving and installing these products. Southsea Bath assumes no responsibility for improper package disassembly and rough-in installation.


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