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Favorite country for bathing
时间:2020-10-30 来源:南海卫浴

Nanhai bath has been dedicated to the design and production of cast iron baths for nearly 25 years. In order to keep pace with the continuous development and changes of the global bathroom market, the company has set the development goal of providing customers with complete solutions of bathroom products. Nanhai sanitary ware factory in Hebei province, China, specializes in the production of cast iron bath, cast iron sinks, cast iron radiators, cast iron cookers and other iron sanitary products. In addition, the fujian factory owned by the company can also supply bamboo bathroom cabinet, wooden bathroom cabinet, bamboo lavabo, wooden lavabo, stone lavabo, stone bathtub, ironwork stand and handicraft, etc. All the above products have been exported to The North American and European markets, and some of the above products have been sold in large supermarket chains in North America and Europe.