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Why Choose Southsea Bath?
Market Service Experience
In the process of service Chinese market for 24 years, the North American market for 10 years, the European market for 15 years, Southsea Bath continues to explore and develop new markets and accumulated rich experience to meet various market demands.
Extensive Product Range
With over 160 type of dimensions of cast iron bathtub you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need and with an immediate delivery you won’t have to wait long for your dream bathroom to arrive.
Competitive Price
We believe that everyone should be able to afford a good quality bathroom, so we monitor the market to ensure that our products remain competitively priced.
Great Quality
Highly resilient against scratches, chemicals or detergents, they maintain their shape bath after bath, are easy to clean, offer protection against bacteria and are 100% recyclable. All our products are quality assured and come with manufacturer guarantees throughout the range.
Optional Technology
At Southsea Bath, we remain true to the skill of the master craftsmen that passed their knowledge and expertise from one generation to the next. Our bathtubs are produced using the high efficiency Gravity casting and the advanced Vaccum casting process that uses natural unspoiled sand for mould processing. They are crafted and glazed to the same high standards and meticulous attention to detail that were so commonplace in the original artisan foundries. To implement social concept of developing the green energy, making the manufacturing industry sustainable development. In the process of casting, several electric furnaces operate at the same time. In this way, we not only could satisfy normal daily production quantity needs, but also could protect the environment effectively. So we are highly praised and supported by the local government .
Excellent Design Team

Innovation is the driving force of development, product innovation is the power of enterprise development. Southsea Bath has a strong and professional product design team. We can enhance the competitiveness of the products effectively, broaden market and establish a good brand image through continuous research and development. We will continue to do the pioneer of industry innovation, to satisfy the product demand of market diversification.
Award Winning  

Since our company was established, we pay more attention to the improvement of self-quality. In recent years, SouthSea Bath achieved the breakthrough in the market access and quality certification. We received lots of certificates, which benefited by our quality of product and service. These certificates include ‘CE certificate’, ‘North American quality certification  certificate issued by ICC-ES’, ‘well-known trademarks enterprises in Hengshui’, ‘3.15 International consumer rights day corporate branding company’, ‘Chinese product quality assured enterprise’, ‘Advanced enterprise of energy conservation and emissions  reduction’ and so on. Glory road is the course of constantly exceed quality. We sincerely keep up providing the best service and quality for the customers.

We currently can supply two options on enamel firt used to seal up the interior of our cast iron tubs and sinks. All of our clients are happy to accept our bathtub or sinks enameled with China frit, not merely the China frit quotation can profit them better, but also the China frit can always adhere to the ASME standard. At the same time, we also can supply German enamel frit to meet some superior quality orders. The difference between China and German enamel frit should be understood as follow, 

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