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Four strategies to help bathroom business break through homogenization "Yoke"

Time:2017-11-20 14:37:34   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
Throughout the bathroom cabinet industry market, product homogeneity has become a trend, better developed
bathroom cabinet manufacturers are simple and generous style, the use of new materials and quality and
rigorous workmanship, and the after-sales service is also well done manufacturers. From this, the bathroom
cabinet manufacturers want to have a living, you can start from four points.

First, Improve bathroom cabinet quality and output
The industry is in chaos, the surface is the phenomenon of depression, but the essence, actually is lack of style
of performance.When there is a profitable time, companies are rushing up.In the absence of competition in the
industry, the quality is reduced and the quantity of price is changed, which ultimately damages the rights and
interests of consumers. Therefore, the development of the industry is limited and crisis.
Second, Design should be simple and generous instead of flashy
The bathroom counter is a durable consumer goods rather than a quick consumer.The dominant idea of style
design should go to "practical, contracted, easy", not add many "flashy" element.

Third, New material reference for bathroom cabinet
Base material is the foundation that the bathroom ark quality is stable, if be in this does not change the idea,
blindly pursue price, bathroom ark profession will enter once "glass basin" the following way.Ceramic basin is
used as main bathroom cabinet mesa, or that problem, in order to pursue the price, the quality of the cone head
now compared with two years ago, the quality is too much, crack, mending, leaking, uneven and so on question
too much.Around "practical, durable" thought, can add glass, marble, microcrystalline stone material, undertake

Forth, The development of enterprises should not be excessively concerned with price, and long-term
development is the key
An industry's healthy development, cannot leave a reasonable profit support, the development of the enterprise,
if there is not enough financial, how to talk about the new products development, only the reference of new
materials, stable quality, standardized operation is the future direction of China's manufacturing industry.In the
era of more and more consumer savvy, enterprises do well in product quality and after-sales service, and
constantly innovate to find a life in the development of the industry.

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