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Species and Choice of Bathroom Vanities

Time:2017-09-04 11:59:47   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
1. Species of bathroom vanities
According to the material and processing technology: Veneer bathroom vanity、Plastic bathroom vanity、Advanced oak bathroom vanity.
a、Veneer bathroom vanity:With solid wood or medium fiber as base board, the surface brushes with waterproof paint after using the solid wood leather board.
Advantages: natural、price lower than solid wood bathroom vanity.
Disadvantages: Because the base material is different from the solid wood, it is easy to crack because of the influence of paste technology and adhesive material.

b、Plastic bathroom vanity: Mainly PVC as the suction panel, after the vacuum thermal pressure adsorption on the density board or moisture-proof board, have excellent moisture-proof and waterproof performance.
Advantages: rich color、anti-temperature、anti-engraving、easy to clean.
Disadvantages: chemical resistance is not high.

C、Advanced oak bathroom vanity: Oak as the main base material, waterproof and environmental painting brush treatment, compared with other artificial plates,formaldehyde emission is lower, natural environmental protection, also strong and durable.
Advantages: healthy environmental protection、natural、high-grade and elegant..
Disadvantages: price will be higher than the above material vanities.

2、Choice of bathroom vanity
a、Choose the bathroom vanity that is high above ground to assure its not to be affected by tide, bathroom vanity is used to receive toilet of all sorts of small things, the design that better chooses storage space is more.

b、Check the hardware. Understand whether metal fittings are treated with moisture-resistant stainless steel or aluminum to prevent rust. Hinge on the service life of the vanity door. When purchasing, the vanity door should be opened to feel the elastic degree of the hinge. The more accurate the hinge, the tighter the vanity door will be.

c、Pay attention to whether the bathroom vanity has the lower water pipe and the tap, the value position, in order to install the pipe pieces in the vanity.

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