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The history of the development of bathroom cabinet

Time:2017-09-01 15:51:07   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
Throughout the history of the development of China's bathroom, just 30 years from the public toilets as the mainstay of the municipal stage of the bathroom into the bathroom into the independent stage, and then to the subject and the separation of the quality of life stage.
In the development of bathroom, which the development of bathroom cabinet is a very important category. Although the bathroom cabinet development late,the development time is short, but the material changes have gone through
four times.
First generation bathroom cabinet: glass basin bathroom cabinet
Advantages: rich colors, diverse styles, crystal clear
Disadvantages: long-term use will be able to remove the scratches, product beauty greatly reduced, not high temperature, especially in the north, high temperature water poured into the basin often lead to rupture.

The Second generation bathroom cabinet: solid wood, multi-layer solid wood and PVC bathroom cabinet
Advantages: not only improve the aesthetics, but also increase the number of practical functional design, such as increasing the drawer and partitions to enhance the function of the house, increase the bar so that a towel can be found in a place to place, as well as the use of ceramic pots instead of glass Bathroom cabinet heat resistance, completely avoid high temperature problems. There are wood, PVC and multi-layer is the use of the parent to enhance the value of the product.
Disadvantages: damp environment will crack, un-paint and deformation.

The third generation bathroom cabinet: stainless steel bathroom cabinet
Advantages: rugged, proof- water, anti rust and cracking, durable
Disadvantages: no natural properties of wood and style diversity

The fourth generation bathroom cabinet: steel wood bathroom cabinet
Advantages: moisture and durable natural texture of the demand, the perfect combination of stainless steel and solid wood, steel and wood cabinet cabinet integration of solid wood and stainless steel two kinds of material advantages,with strong plasticity.

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