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Not a nail, but a city

Time:2017-08-14 15:14:30   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
In ancient China, the whole building don’t need to use a nail, and all the structures were made with the mortise and tenon joint process.
Beijjing imperial palace, Shanxi Yingxian wooden tower, Hubei Wudang mountain imperial palace, Guangxi Chengyang rain bridge...The crystallization of these ancient architectural wisdom, though distributed across China, has the same characteristics-No nails.

Nail is a common small object in our daily life, but it was never used in ancient times, whether it was architecture or furniture. Because at that time, not only can not make convenient large production, the cost is high, and not as well as “Tenon”is stable and convenient.
The “Tenon” is similar to the following form, which is basically connected by wood:

However, how does the wood spell the miracle in the hands of craftsmen? The following some kinds of tenon model dynamic map, showing the ancient tenon structure covers the most important, practical, classic style structure, but also the ultimate secret that the ancient woodworkers didn’t need the nails:
Dowel Tenon

Dig Yandaiguo Tenon

Chuck Tenon

Mortise Tenon

Fan-shaped Mortise Tenon

Traditional Tenon Corners

Double Tenon Corners

Strip Tenon Corners

 High Waisted Shouldered Tenon

 Flat Shoulder Tenon

Cylinder Tee Joint

 Interform with Leggings

Two Dimensional Right Angle Crossed Tenon 

 A table leg three tooth structure

Three Spur Crossing

 The cabinet bottom board

Straight timber crossing joint

With the development of science and technology, the tenon structure is gradually forgotten, replaced by the big industrial production stage of nails and glue. However, the ancient Chinese architecture, which was constructed with a tenon technique, still stands in the world architecture forest with its unique flavor and culture.

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