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Southsea-bath one site service-the manufacture of bathroom products

Time:2017-05-22 18:41:19   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
It is well known that,Southsea-bath is a export factory of Cast Iron Bathtub. Since 1992, the special design, the advanced Vaccum Casting, the refine producing made the perfect quality, and the spirit of Southsea-bath becomes a classic in the passing years.
Step into 21 century, in order to meet the requirement of the whole series of bathroom product,general manager Xinghua whom comes from Southsea-bath was focus on searching and investigate around 2 years, then merger with a factory which own 29 patented products on Mar.7 th , 2017.
So far, the Hebei Southsea-bath factory still focus on the Cast Iron products’ development, design and produce, Fujian Southsea-bath factory specialized in Bamboo and Wooden Bathroom Vanities, Basin and Iron product etc.
Bathtub was known since 1883 made by Kohler, but Southsea-bath has become the leader of Cast Iron Bathtub Industry via over 10 years’ development, the below French Mirror Polished Skirted Cast Iron Bathtub was honored the Canton Fair Design Award!

Bamboo Bathroom Vanities and Basins, adopted the natural raw material which comes from the South of China, and special art of mortise and tenon joint, not only beautiful but fasten and useful. Both Bathroom Cabinet and Basins are all hand-made, we made the Nature more attractive.
And then we will introduce our proud Iron Art product, the valid flowers, the lifelike artwork, they all comes from our experienced artist, we are not only the convey but creator and innovator.

Resources is Gold, Human Network is wealth, favorable climatic , geographical and human conditions. Fujian Southsea-bath can be also produced the Stone bath and basin. The nature is
full of secret , we move forward and cherish everything...
In the 21 century, the most important thing what we sparkplug is the integration of resources.Please view the below image, Southsea-bath has gathered the classical bathtub and traditional hand-made iron stand, this unit was shown Ecobuild China in 2017. It was well received by new and old customers! There is not the best one but better one, we will continue to obedience to Southsea-bath spirit, focus on research and development and produce the series of bathroom products! Choose Southsea-bath, one site service, overall experience.

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