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Time:2017-05-08 09:58:22   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
With shower room bathroom, bathtub is no longer necessary. However, once it appears, it will be the focus of space, the protagonist. We use it to relax Ye Hao, enjoy worth mentioning, the bathtub is sometimes just put there, that is, the symbol of quality, not to mention in recent years, its value is obvious progress, called the bathroom space to play. Some people are indispensable it, but always hesitate to take what to put you, my bathtub!
Bath in the bathroom most of the location is from the side, this angle can show its beautiful arc, which is its beauty, you do not miss.

And perhaps it is angular, lying inside is to enjoy, love to do on the sofa watching you enjoy is a kind of enjoyment.

The bathtub does not appear to be horrified and disturbed by the crampedness of space, because no matter how big the space is, it is only the next one for the world.

If the bathroom space has a bathtub, then no one dare to pretend to be the protagonist, especially when it is placed in the most central position of space, is an oath, do not say, its meaning can be seen.

The bath as a particularly ritual thing, then even the relaxation has become particularly worthy of respect.

If your bathroom just has a window, then you have to congratulate you in the bath to enjoy while enjoying a scene.

When it is unreservedly presented, you will find lying in the bathtub looking out the window, enjoy not only the bright spring, more four seasons change the beauty.
Please let the bath become a kind of enjoyment, Not a fight!

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