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Time:2017-04-04 17:29:51   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
Finding a bathtub that is comfortable to soak in but still fits into a small bathroom can be a challenge.The trouble is when you look at the small bathtubs on the market today you find that they are too small for soaking. This is especially true if you happen to be tall.

Classic clawfoot bathtubs are great looking as well as large, enjoyable, and quite practical additions to any bathroom. With Vintage and Victorian looks becoming a popular change from modern bathrooms it is no wonder that we are seeing more bathrooms with this type of bathtubs installed in them. A clawfoot bathtub adds originality to your bathroom and introduces a calming mood that the modern bathroom has lost. If you have contemplated installing a clawfoot bathtub in your home we have a few hints to get you off to a good start.

If you choose a reproduction tub you can have all the appeal of an old clawfoot bathtub with the benefits of newer and lighter materials. Old clawfoot bathtubs were made of very heavy cast iron. The recent acrylic versions are much easier to work with and they do not rust. Because clawfoot tubs are freestanding you will need to come up with ways to mask or improve the appearance of the pipes. Normally you will want to attempt to install the tub so that the plumbing will be concealed as much as possible. In situations where you can't hide the pipes you can place a skirt on the tub or use copper pipes to give a more attractive look. The clawfoot bathtub will have to be cleaned carefully, especially if you purchase an older tub. Don't use cleansers that may be too harsh, and you have to ensure that you rinse away any cleanser residue immediately to prevent damage to the surface.

If you decide on an antique cast iron bathtub you will have to make sure your floor is able to handle the weight. If you are installing it on an upper floor or above a basement this is especially important. Cast iron is a very heavy material and can cause problems if you aren't prepared for the extra weight.

No matter what your bathroom design is, a clawfoot bathtub can make a great option. You can unwind in your clawfoot bathtub after a long day as long as you keep these tips in mind. Make it a bubble bath, they have always been perfect with clawfoot bathtubs! And dont forget to add some aromatic bathing salts.

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