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Heating for so long, the radiator is still not hot - what to do

Time:2018-10-18 09:23:51   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
In winter, because of the radiator, the room temperature is maintained between 18-21 ° C. This temperature gives people the feeling that it is just right, adults and children feel very comfortable. However, some families do not enjoy it, always feel the home radiator Not hot, the indoor temperature is too low. The radiator is not hot is really an annoying thing, so how to do the radiator is not hot? Many families take the way to deflate or release the radiator to solve the problem. However, this way How is the method effective?

There are many reasons why the radiator is not hot. It is often counterproductive to release the radiator blindly. Because the normal operation of the heating system requires a stable and balanced water circulation, if the radiator is continuously drained, it will cause heat supply. The large amount of hot water in the pipe network is lost, and the system pressure is also reduced, so that normal heating demand cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, a large amount of water will also cause air to enter the pipe network, causing a gas plug problem, which in turn causes the radiator to be not hot.

In addition, in order to prevent corrosion of the heating system and reduce clogging accidents, chemicals are generally added to the radiator water. If people constantly put radiator water in the radiator, it may cause direct harm to the human body.
The correct way to deflate the radiator is, if the radiator caused by the air block is not hot, you can unscrew the exhaust valve on the radiator to deflate, stop the deflation as soon as the water is discharged, and then deflate after a while, repeated several times until the heating The gas in the film is empty. If this method is used, the radiator will not heat up, so contact the property or heating company for inspection.
If the user suspects that the indoor temperature is not up to standard and eliminates the non-thermal condition caused by the fault factor, you can apply for the heat company to measure the temperature. According to relevant regulations, the room temperature during winter heating should not be lower than 16 ° C or 18 ° C. When heating  problems occur, When the heating company is responsible for heating quality, it can negotiate the reduction of heating costs on the non-standard date. However, because the heating temperature depends on many factors, and whether the radiator, building insulation, neighboring use, or whether the radiator in the home is open for a long time. There is a certain relationship. Therefore, if the user does not meet the standard at room temperature, he can first check the insulation of the radiator or the house. If the radiator or the insulation of the house is poor, measures should be taken to do the insulation work.

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