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How to turn black rust on cast iron hot pot

Time:2018-10-15 15:02:58   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
How to go black to rust in cast iron hot pot, Nanhai kitchen utensils for you to answer: cast iron hot pot to black to rust, and iron products to black rust, the same is usually through the use of acid to remove rust stains, the specific operation methods are as follows 4 Kind:
1, acid vinegar method: vinegar can remove rust. Very effective. Heat the iron first and turn off the fire. Use a rag and apply some vinegar to wipe the rust directly. The general rust will fall off immediately.
2, sandpaper or whetstone; used to remove rust is very fast and thorough. Rub the rust with sandpaper or whetstone. Rinse off with water.
3, Taomi water: the decontamination effect of Taomi water is very strong. Soak for 2-3 hours with thicker rice water. Boil the rice water, use an iron rag during the burning process, and lick it a little bit. After the pot is finished, wait for the rice water to open. Taomi water opened, let cool, and dumped. Rinse off with clean water.
4, steel ball: steel ball general boot can be removed. Use iron wire to slowly remove the rust and clean it. In addition, lard is rich in oil and fat, and the oil is coated with lard. Heat the iron, turn it slowly (high temperature and safety), and let the oil cover all parts of the iron. Heating to smoke, it is not easy to rust after repeated several times.

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