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How to choose an iron pot

Time:2018-09-20 17:01:09   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
I think we all know that the rice made from an iron pot is more delicious, but how to choose a satisfactory iron pot?

1. The surface of the pot is as smooth as possible, but it cannot be required to be "smooth as mirror". Due to the casting process, the iron pot has irregular shallow grains, which is not a problem.
2. Check for defects.
There are two types of defects: small bump and small pit. The convex part of small bump is generally iron, which has little influence on the quality of the pot. If the bulge is on the concave surface of the pan, grinding wheel can be used to avoid blocking the spatula. Small pit is more complex, which is more harmful to the quality of the bowl.
There are mainly three conditions, namely sand, gas and retraction. The "three eyes" are located in the center of the convex and concave sides of the pot, which is the throat of pouring molten iron. Pay attention when buying, because some people use graphite to fill the pit, ordinary people are not easy to detect, can only use a small brush to brush it exposed.

3. The bottom of the pot is commonly known as the bottom of the pot. The big pot ass is not good, because of its slow transmission. It takes fire and time.
4. The thin pot is good.
Some iron pans may be thick on one side and thin on the other, which is caused by the model dislocation. When buying, you can hold the bottom of the pot upside down with your fingers in the center of the concave surface. The louder the pot, the better the vibration. This method can also be used to check the pot for cracks. Cracks generally occur on the sides of pots because they are also the thinnest.

5.If there are rust spots on the pot, it is not necessarily bad quality. The brightness and quality of the pot did not affect much. Because the substance that makes the pan bright is graphite. The use of graphite in casting is as a refractory paint, after the pot has been cast, the graphite objectively has the effect of making the pot not rust. Saucepans with rust spots show long storage time. The longer the pot is stored, the better, because the internal organization of the pot tends to be more stable, and the initial time is not easy to crack.
6. Cast iron pan (also known as dang) is often used to "fry", "burn" do not need the fire, so it is better to thicken the bottom of the pot, weight can also be heavier.

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