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The maintaining for the body and doors of vanities

Time:2018-08-08 09:22:29   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
As we all know, following the changing of market, there are various of material for vanities, such as natural stone, man-made stone, glass, metal, solid wood, bamboo etc. Customers will purchase a variety of vanities according to their own needs. How can we maintain the body and doors of vanities during the daily use.
1.Maintaining for the body of vanities
①The wall cabinets are suitable for placing some light goods, such as shampoo,shower gel,dry towels and other lightweight goods.
② Wall-mounted type vanities need to install on the bearing wall. If the wall is not met the installation conditions,then customers need to strengthen the wall properly.
③Keep the doors of vanities opening 15-20 days before use,proper ventilation to eliminate residual smell.
④ The vanities ’ body are tenon and eccentricity structure,do not refit and disassemble by yourself.
⑤Do not use sharp objects to scrape and rub against the surface of the vanities.
⑥Do not pick up metal decoration materials on the surface, and do not clean the surface of metal objects with sharp materials such as steel balls; Do not clean metal surfaces with corrosive liquid.
⑦Do not pull the anti-collision strip at the edge of the vanities to ensure the anti-dust, anti-collision and anti-cockroach effect, and extend the using life of the bathroom vanities.
⑧Smooth placing, heavier goods should be placed at the bottom of the bathroom vanities; It is not advisable to place heavy goods in the hanger cabinet, so as to avoid the stress deformation of the top and bottom plates, and ensure the safety of the process of taking and releasing goods.
⑨Install the bathroom vanities to where avoid the direct sunlight, then it can avoid causing the local color difference.
2.Maintaining for the doors of vanities
①Avoid to close to heat source, power source, water source, avoid direct sunlight.
②Do not contact with gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents.
③Clean the carving with pure cotton cloth and brush.
④You’d better use water wax to clean the solid wood doors.
⑤Avoid overflow of water platform. Avoid the deformation occurs when door panels are soaked for a long time.
⑥The doors of the bathroom vanities and drawers should be opened with appropriate force, do not open violently and close violently.

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