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Difference between cast iron pot and fine iron pot

Time:2018-08-06 10:09:28   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
The materials used in the cast iron pot and the fine iron pot are the same. Both types of iron pots are made of high-quality pure iron. The difference is that the cast iron pot is made by casting with grey iron. It is heavy and stable, the bottom is thick and thin, the heat is even, the pot is not cooked, and the service life is long, which makes it easy for the cook to grasp the heat, so it is suitable. It is suitable for cooking Chinese dishes.

The fine iron pan is made of black iron forging or manual hammering. It has the characteristics of a thin pan ring, fast heat transfer and beautiful appearance. Such as ultra-microcrystalline nano-rust process, nano-ceramic process, etc., the iron pan made of this material has fast heat transfer and light body, which is suitable for stir-frying and is not easy to rust.

It is understood that the cast iron pot also has a characteristic,when the temperature of the fire exceeds 200 ° C, the cast iron pot will pass a certain amount of heat energy, the temperature transmitted to the food is controlled at 230 ° C, and the fine iron pot is directly the temperature of the fire.Passed to food. For the average family, it is better to use a cast iron pot. However, the fine iron pot also has advantages.
First,since the fine iron is cast and has fewer impurities, the heat transfer is relatively uniform, and the sticking phenomenon is not easy to occur.
Second, because the materials are good, the pot can be made very thin and the temperature inside the pot can be higher.
Third, the grade is high, the surface is smooth,and the cleaning work is good. Therefore, consumers who like slow cooking can choose cast iron pots. The fine iron pot directly transfers the temperature of the fire to the food and is suitable for people who like to stir-fry.

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