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Good home heating installation can bring a better experience for family members

Time:2018-06-25 09:26:49   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
Radiator is one of the most popular home heating methods at present. Many people choose radiators for their attractive appearance and easy installation. Therefore, how to install the radiator more in line with the interior design, more in line with the enjoyment of home functions, it is worth every one The user pays attention, the following provides us with several practical radiator installation methods.

First of all, we need to understand the installation principle of the radiator: the installation position of the radiator should be low and first consider installing under the window.
According to the air principle, the rising of hot air and cold air, the higher the installation of the radiator, the greater the heat loss caused by the radiator. Because the heat is emitted from the radiator, the radiator close to the ground can make the indoor air convect and keep the room temperature balanced. The installation of the radiator under the window does not affect the placement of the furniture, and can effectively block the entrance of cold air and reduce the discomfort caused to people.
Caring for family & super practical radiator installation location recommended ღ ღ
First, the bedroom radiator installation location: The bedroom radiator installation location should be a bit away from the bed, Because the radiator is too hot to affect people's sleep. The radiator should be installed in the foot position as much as possible, and also not too far away from the supervisor.
Second, the study room radiator installation location: The study room radiator is generally placed on the wall behind the door, window wall or desk under the wall. The study room is the area in the home where the radiator heating is most needed. The heating is comfortable in winter, and the temperature is constant and noiseless. It is easy for the host to study with care and completely avoids the noise interference caused by air conditioning heating.
Third, the living room radiator installation location: In general, the living room location of the radiator is selected near the drying station, which is conducive to air convection flow. Remember to be within 2 to 3 meters from the original head of the radiator, so that the flow resistance is relatively small and does not affect the heating effect of the heater.
Fourth, the restaurant radiator installation location: The installation location of the restaurant radiator is generally selected on the table near the wall, so as to maintain the restaurant area comfort heating, while creating a beautiful dining environment in winter.

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