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The things to pay attention to when selecting the enamel pot

Time:2018-05-30 17:14:23   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
1.Look at the lid. Look at the top of the pot and ask for a uniform color, which is basically fine.
Check the gas eye, impurities and so on, the impurity problem is almost inevitable, but if it is the red color of the lid, you can't see it, the orange is very obvious. Trademark word black phenomenon is more common, that is because the enamel layer is a bit thin, but also have very good. Again look at the edge of the pot cover, here is easy to have the gas eye, sometimes a lot of misery,also can not have the damage.
 Finally see it above, often with such as capacity, if marked words black and white enamel is too thin, want to be careful, because once used up, the black part will expand to become black like song typeface, this is due to the nearby white enamel in the brush pot isbrushed away!

2.Look at the pot. First look at the pot edge, no damage, here is vulnerable place in the future buy should be good. See again pot body, impurity, air eye do not have big problem.

See bottom, pot bottom is thick, but also very easy to wear, use in the future can not be directly placed on the stove. Finally, the pot, the white enamel inside must be uniform, no air eye, pot problems, generally do not ignore, can be replaced.

3.Then put the lid and pan together to see the seal. And the way to do that is to put it on the side and look at it, if it's sticking out, it's not sealed. A well sealed pan can reach a higher temperature.

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