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Dovetail Joint

Time:2018-05-28 09:41:25   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
The dovetail is a right-angle connection node of a flat wood. The step-shaped crucible can join high-strength corners of the workpiece to avoid disengagement. Due to its good mechanical properties, dovetails are common in wooden furniture.
It is known that the earliest use of dovetail furniture was unearthed in the tombs of the first dynasty of ancient Egypt.
The dovetail has a narrow root, a wide end, and a large head. This practice is known as "乍" in ancient architecture.
The dovetail is large above and below it is called "sliding" Putting it away is to make you pull and pull.
The sneak-in is to make it fall more and more tightly during the drop-type installation in order to increase the stability of the node.

Principles of Mechanics
By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the mother of the swallowtail shaped structure was an indispensable connection method in furniture. Furniture with mud, nowadays most of them are eye drills or wood pins to connect the legs to the mud. In the boutique of the court office and Ming-style furniture, its structure is that each side of the mud is half dovetailed, and the lower end of the leg is trapezoidal, so that the legs are assembled with the mud to form a coordinating dovetail. Hey. The advantage of this structure is that as long as the mud is not spread, the legs will never be separated from the mud.
Follow-up will take root, that is, dovetail methods with different directions in different directions. This kind of repair enhances the strength of the joint, and can skillfully apply the intact parts, reduce the exposed parts, and keep the old pulp.

Furniture components
There are also dipping materials in the furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The court production is mostly made of one material. Nowadays, in the case of wood being more precious, most manufacturers use two materials to form a joint. In the middle, only a wooden pin is connected, and even some manufacturers do not even have wooden pins. Only adhesives are used. Flatten together. As time goes on, repeated changes in temperature and humidity, if the two wood textures are different, are bound to crack. If we spliced it together with a dovetail we would be much more secure.

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