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Knowledge of Enamel Pot Performance & Usage Notice

Time:2018-05-09 17:42:53   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
With the diversification of people's living needs, enamelware is gradually sought after by the market. With regard to some small knowledge of enamelware pots, the public's understanding is not high. Here we give you the science knowledge of enamel pot and the use of attention.

Knowledge of enamel pot performance

1. The enamel pot refers to a pot made of coated ceramic glaze on the surface of the metal body, and the enamel is a composite material made of inorganic vitreous material that is melted and then condensed on the main material metal while being solidly aggregated with the metal. The main material of enamel is two parts of metal and enamel.
2. The metal materials used for enamel are steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Steel generally adopts low-carbon steel plates, while iron generally chooses iron-carbon alloys containing not less than 2.11% carbon, which are materials for cooking utensils. Aluminum is generally pure aluminum and aluminum-magnesium alloy, and copper is generally selected from copper and brass.
3. Enamel pot performance is stable, both mechanical strength and enamel physical and chemical characteristics are very good, not only anti-wear, corrosion resistance, high temperature, and itself is not toxic, light weight, beautiful appearance, both practical and decorative The effect is highly sought after by the market.

Usage Notice of Enamel Pot

1. Do not dry and drastic changes. Before starting to use the enamel pot, add oil or water first, and then heat. According to the national standards for thermal stability, the maximum temperature range that a pot can withstand is 320 °C down to 20 °C. Once it exceeds this range of standards, a dangerous accident of bursting and crushing porcelain can easily occur. If you first dry the pan, then put oil or water, the temperature changes dramatically, the burst rate is great.
2. Septum-proof off the porcelain. Place the porcelain bowl in steaming the food in the enamel saucepan, use the bamboo septum to isolate, if the water in the bottom of the bowl is first dried, contact with the bottom of the pot directly, and the bottom of the pot will make the pot bottom porcelain.

3. Coking in the pan is clean. If you use enamel pot cooking hoof Bang, Tremella, to avoid coking. Once coking in the pot, soak the pot in warm water for a few hours, then remove the coke with bamboo chips, do not use a hard sharp device to vigorously eliminate coke, resulting in porcelain surface damage and fall off.
4. Daily cleaning. As the use time becomes longer, the enamel pot will remain dirt, which can be scrubbed with alkali water, soap powder, or water, boiling with appropriate amount of acetic acid, clean porcelain surface, and will not damage the pot body.

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