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How to do when the bathroom vanity crack?

Time:2018-05-07 16:31:23   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
1. Why does the bathroom vanity crack?
In fact, there are many reasons for the cracking of the bathroom vanity, which should be analyzed according to the specific situation.
-Wooden features caused-
As long as it is the bathroom vanity made by the real wood, it is normal to have a slight crack, which is the same as the wood, which does not exist. Generally, it will slight crack, but it will not crack, break through, and repair it slightly.

-Process not in place caused-
Wood must pass dry treatment before processing, this is the important step that avoids the bathroom vanity to crack. But some inferior manufacturer, because the problem such as equipment, cost, did not carry out strict dry treatment, or the time that after drying is insufficient is used for production.

-Improper maintenance caused-
Even in the case of normal dry processing, if because of the outside world also has the potential to cause crack, for example in the northern winter cold, everybody has central heating, if bathroom vanity near the heating oven for a long time, do not pay attention to maintenance, or the summer in the hot sun exposure, etc., so it is easy to cause the bathroom vanity blowout, deformation, thus affecting the service life of bathroom vanity.
2. How to handle after the bathroom vanity craze?
Bathroom vanity as long as pass formal and strict drying treatment, general craze is not very apparent, even if have crack phenomenon also very small fine seam, do not affect to use normally.
If the cracking is not very serious, it can be sanded around the cracking area with sandpaper, and the grinding powder is collected and buried in the hole and sealed with glue.
If the breach is serious, you need to contact the dealer's professional maintenance master to repair it.
3. Tips to prevent cracking in the bathroom vanity.
Under normal circumstances, the bathroom cabinet will be dried in the process of production, let wet expansion dry shrinkage deformation of wood before production release.To a large extent, this can prevent the bathroom cabinet from cracking and deforming during use, but it is not absolute and should be paid attention to some maintenance when used.
Apply wood oil on a regular basis
The moisture of wood cannot be maintained by keeping the proper air humidity indoors, for example, wood wax is like skin moisturizing skin care products.On solid wood bathroom ark, it will lock the moisture in wood, prevent dryness deformation of bathroom ark, and it is useful to prevent dry, not only is also useful to prevent solid wood bathroom ark too wet also.It is generally recommended to use wood wax oil for comprehensive treatment every 3-4 months.

Waterproof aluminum foil, cold water natural enemy
According to the usual bath experience, we will find that the basin that wash a face in the bathroom, or encounter heat will produce large amounts of condensed water faucet, the water will go into the bottom of the cabinet mesa, the cabinet put oneself in another's position caused by mold deformation.If you can put a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad on the bottom of the cabinet in time to solve this problem, put them on the bottom of the drawer, and keep the bath products at the same time as moisture-proof.

Proper increase the humidity
If the climate is particularly dry,you can sprinkle some water on the bathroom cabinet in case it warps.The northern family can install the humidifier to increase the humidity in the room appropriately, not only to the people live to have the benefit, also has the great help to the bathroom cabinet maintenance.
Of course, also don't let the bathroom ark always in damp environment, lest the bathroom ark musty change.For example,keep the bathroom cabinet close to damp wall for a long time will make the wood absorb moisture expansion, easy to crack, mildew, need to dehumidify frequently.

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