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How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

Time:2018-04-23 09:03:18   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
一.No matter what style, type, or material you choose for your vanity, you will have to pick from single- or double-sink arrangements.

1.Single Sink Vanity
•      Holds one sink
•      Most common size
•      Ideal for small bathrooms
•      Offers a range of counter space depending upon the vanity’s width

2.Double Sink Vanity
•      Holds two sinks
•      Often referred to as “his and hers sinks”
•      Best for shared bathroom
•      Wider vanity width

1.Traditional/Classic  Vanity
•      Features classic lines and decorative trim work.
•      Usually includes furniture-style cabinets, ornate molding and subdued color schemes

2.Modern Vanity
•   Highlighted by smooth cabinetry, sleek faucets and symmetrical arrangements.
•   Colors are generally monochromatic with a mix of smooth textures and sleek materials.
•   Characterized by unique curves and angles.

3.Vintage/Antique Vanity
•      Typically either wood with dark stain or white paint
•      Feature lots of ornate carvings and flourishes
•      May have claw feet

4.Cottage Vanity
•      Similar to traditional vanities
•      Cabinets may have louvered doors
•      Often white or muted pastels

5.Rustic Vanity
•      Usually made of weathered or reclaimed wood
•      Designed with unique storage options and knobs

6.Transitional Vanity
•      Typically offer lots of storage space
•      Similar in look to traditional vanities with wider variety of looks

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