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How to calculate the quantity of heating radiator correctly

Time:2018-04-13 18:15:11   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
Scientific calculations of the number of heating radiators purchased.Winter heating necessaries -- heating radiator, also began to be the topic of concern to new and old house owners.With the continuous development of heat dissipation products, family heating mode begins to present diversification. In choosing the number of heating radiators, people will always blindly follow the opinion of the experts, and fear that if the number of selected pieces is not enough, it will affect the family.

New-style heating radiator at the time of sale in accordance with the "piece" or "group" ", at the same time, marked "W" (heat), many consumers don't know exactly how many the "W" to make his house warm.When buying, we need to calculate concretely before we can know the amount of purchase. The purchase of heating radiators must first match the area of the heating house, and in view of the different heat radiations of different brands of heating radiators, a scientific calculation should be carried out before the selection and purchase of heating radiators.

Now we will introduce the three steps of heating calculation: first area, secondwatts (W) and third pieces.
(1) Calculate the area of the bedroom, living room, toilet, kitchen and so on, and calculate it as the basic data for further calculation.
(2) Wattage number (W): this process is relatively complex. The following is briefly provided to consumers, a set of reference data for building heating unit and area thermal index calculation. The general family residence can be calculated according to 45-70W per square meter, which varies with direction and direction. When buying a heating radiator,the area of room with different orientations and directions is multiplied by the "W" per square meter, which is the heating capacity needed by the room. That is: the amount of heat needed for the total number of square meters by 45-70W=. In general, the heating radiator for sale is marked with "W". Because of the great difference in the real life, the building or flat room, the top or the bottom, the end or the middle, the north room or the south, the city or the city, wall insulation and other factors should be considered in the estimation.
(3) Calculate piece count: there is a simple way, after calculate the number of heating radiator, consider the heating radiator, then the appropriate add 20-50%, as a rich amount of heat transfer between adjacent rooms, so as to avoid heating radiator heat enough. In fact, wattage can be calculated after conversion of heating radiator piece number and then calculate the group number, the actual heat release are not can split combination, especially bathroom heating radiator, the majority are generally overall modelling, consumer according to choose the applicable area of design.

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