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Recognition of different materials of radiator

Time:2018-01-30 20:29:44   Source:NanHaiWeiYu
In our daily life, radiator is an indispensable heating product for the northern family life. It is very comfortable to work in the winter and enjoy the warmth of the radiator at home, so as to release the fatigue of the day. The material, as the core component of the radiator, affects the temperature of the interior, and plays an important role in the warm life of our winter. There are a wide variety of famous radiators on the market. To choose a good radiator, we should first understand the types of the materials of the radiator. According to the material classification, the radiator can be divided into steel heater, copper and aluminum compound heater, cast iron heater, steel aluminum compound radiator, etc. So what's the difference between the material of the radiator?

1.Analysis of copper and aluminum composite radiator material: copper and aluminum composite radiator is a new type of composite copper and aluminum radiator, by the hydraulic expanding technique and compounding the two materials combination, play their respective advantages, copper corrosion resistance good thermal conductivity of copper and aluminum can and has the advantage of good, so the radiator heat dissipation performance, strong corrosion resistance. At present, the copper and aluminum composite radiator has gained more and more users' love, especially the family independent heating users.
2.Analysis of steel heating radiator material:the steel system is the heating radiator material selection is the most popular in the market, which is divided into tube type and plate type. And now we use tube type, tube type heat dissipation performance is good, beautiful and generous, convenient; Plate have not cast iron radiator is good, but better than cast iron is of beautiful appearance, but than tube is a little heavy, is between cast iron and the new type of tubular radiator of the excessive heating of the tool, but the disadvantage of steel is afraid of oxygen corrosion, so do not do anti-corrosion, must be filled with water and maintenance.

3.Analysis of cast iron radiator material : due to the material reasons, the appearance of aesthetic backward, not with the modern architecture and decoration with one, so many fashion families have been out of line with the cast iron radiator. And the cast iron radiator cavity sticky sand is very easy to damage its temperature control device, the production of energy consumption is relatively high, energy-saving and new products can not be compared. In addition, it is now the domestic heating system has been updated to promote energy efficient products, so the old cast iron products have been eliminated, few people choose this radiator.

4.Analysis of steel aluminum composite radiator material:steel aluminum composite radiator water storage, better heat dissipation, light weight, beautiful appearance, rich form with high strength, beautiful appearance, color, shape rich, large choice; smooth surface, not easy to accumulate dirt, clean and convenient; small volume and light weight; strong bearing capacity; high thermal efficiency, suitable for alkaline; but its drawback is relatively obvious: wall thickness than the cast iron radiator to be thin, if the high oxygen content of water, prone to corrosion.

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