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Round Enamel Cast Iron Pot


    What is cast iron cookware?
    Heritage century casting process, cooling one molding. The liner is casted by fine iron, less impurities, heat transfer evenly, not prone to sticky pot phenomenon. Due to its excellent thermal diffusivity, cast iron cookware is suitable for stewing and long fried foods. In addition to these advantages, the outer wall of enamel pot with bright enamel spray, uniform color, non-sticky oil, easy to clean, permanent beauty as ever. Compared with the ordinary non-smokeless pot, non-stick pot, its pot-free coating design fundamentally put an end to the chemical coating and aluminum products on the human body hazards, while maintaining the nutritional content of the dishes do not destroy the family Enjoy the health and delicious. And the lid of the shower design - the lid raised a small dots shower design, tight food moisture delicious, air condensate drip, evenly dripping into the food to ensure that the nutritional nutrition and flavor.
    Function of cast iron cookware:
    One cast iron cookware is omnipotent:stew, boiled, pot and fied.Cast iron cookware has the characteristics of  heat transfer evenly and thermal storage, small fire stew can be great degree of food lock the original taste.
    Effect of cast iron cookware:
    High-quality active iron atoms from cast iron cookware supply better way for men, women and children to take in iron. Iron supplementation can improve anorexia, partial eclipse,limited development for children,which is cause by iron deficiency ; to improve women's skin dry, dull, looking yellow, stains, hair easily bifurcated and other issues;to improve the elderly waist and knees soft, cold hands and feet, chest tightness, mental shock and other issues.
    Advantages of cast iron cookware:
    Taste effect increased by 60%
    Cooking speed increased by 50%
    Saving up to 70%
    Use of cast iron cookware:
    Can be used for open flame, induction cooker, electric ceramic stove, electric oven and other heating equipment, prohibited for use in the microwave. To protect the pot, use a silicone shovel or wooden shovel.
    Material:Cast Iron;  
    Color:Blue(Any color is available);
    Application:Open Fiare,Induction Cooker,Radiant-Cooker,Electric Baker and so on;Microwave Oven is forbidden;   
    Two Sizes:Dia24*11cm;Dia28*11.5cm;we can produce any size as your request.
    With minimal attention, your cast iron cookware will give you years of luxury to enjoy!
    1. Cast iron pan is made by the molten iron into the sand casting molding, the pot wall is purely artificial grinding, so the surface will not be like stainless steel, fine iron kitchen so smooth, casting process will form an inevitable trachoma, shallow pit. These are not quality problems, the pot will be with the use of time to become smooth and smooth.
    2. Casting products by hand polished, size and weight will be a certain error, we provide the weight of the average of 10 products, please accept the goods of actual weight. Above are the characteristics of casting products, not a product problem;
    3. After the use of pot ,if the water stains, please dry it before storage,so as to avoid rust.If the conditions can be evenly coated on the surface layer of oil, the effect is better, such as rust, cleaning rust after repeated steps Can be restored as new.
    4. Heat the pot will cause the handle to heat up, please be careful to use, beware of burns.

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