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Duties of this department: 
1.  Outsource different products. We can help customer to some other factories which can supply sanitary ware products with special requirements from customer.
2.  Factory Audit. We can go to factroy instead of customer to see like their supplying capacity, quality control system ect. everything the customers are cared about.
3.  Price negotiation
3.1   For the people who want place all their orders to us in US dollar, and then we will pass
        the orders to different factories in Ren Min Bi (Chinese dollar) and follow up all the details until
        products shipped. The good thing for this option is when the currency is changed lot, customer only
        need talk to Southsea for pricing increase or decrease. Southsea will give the pricing whatever
        factory gives to customer without adding any benefit.

3.2   For the people who want to talk to the factory directly, we just pass factory’s information to  
        customer, they decide who will buy and also the pricing. We will jump in when it needs.
4.  Quality Control
     This is the most important duty for this department, we do both online inspection and final inspection for all the orders.

5. Line drawing and photo making. We have 4 line drawing maker and another 4 photographers who can supply a special need according to customer’s requirement. 
6.  Shipping Goods 
      Help booking vessel, make container combination, make sure goods is well loaded and provide shipping documents to customer.
7.  Recommending new products to customer
     We are always looking for new products and new factories, will pass the information of qualified factory or products to our customer.
8.  Providing Interpreter and helping arrange trip schedule for customer’s China factory visit (PS: Interpreter fee and travel fee for customer’s China trip are not included)  
     Now we total have 5 people in this team, 2 for souring new products, 1 for order follow up and shipping and the other 2 people are inspectors. All of them have rich work experience in this area, for example, our bathtub inspector has 5 years      bathtub work experience before joined Southsea in 2011, she is very professional on all kinds of bathtubs. She spend 4 or 5 days every week at the factory for both online inspection and final inspection. The other inspector is response for        all other products besides bathtub, he also has 8 years work experience for inspection.
The service charge of this department
We are very flexible for different kinds of business cooperation. You know our key business is cast-iron bathtub, the only reason we found this department is to give our customer our best service, so we never expect make money from this department. In the past 5 years, all the customers are happy and satisfied for our service, we normally charge 3-5% service fee based on the PO amount, we don’t add any margin on factory pricing, just give our customer exactly what the factory quote us.

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