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Founded in 1992, Southsea bath® Hebei factory has 25 years to make kitchen and bathroom items made in cast iron material, such as cast iron bathtub, cast iron kitchen sink, cast iron shower base and so on. In order to adapt to the continuous development of the global bathroom market, the company developed to provide customers with a complete bathroom product solutions as the development goals.
In 2017, a new range of bathroom furniture brought into Southsea bath® catalog, such as bamboo & wood vanity units, bamboo & stone basins, wrough iron wares and so on. Each pieces are handcrafted to the same high standards and meticulous attention to detail that were so commonplace in our Quanzhou artisan foundries.
Our products are available to meet the standard of ASME A112.19.1-2008,EN 14516:2006 and has past CE & IC-ES certificates which can eliminate your worries on our product quality. Southsea bath® acts as your product manager, we have a professional QC team with on-site eyes and ears to assure beginning-to-end control of the production process and to assume total responsibility for the final result, and to keep you with a well sales.
Customer satisfaction is our priority and our goal is to provide our expert product knowledge and service to offer the good quality products and integrated design solutions. It is our intent to exceed expectations through good products, service and continued support.
Our 904,000 sq.ft primary factory, office area and showroom located in Anping county,Hengshui city, Hebei. 

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